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Clay Y'all

Pottery by Sandra Harrelson  

Vicksburg, MS  39183

Color Layer Bowl 2
Color Layer Bowl 2 Sold Out
Color Layer Bowl 1
Color Layer Bowl 1 Sold Out
Dragonfly Bowl P/Ch2
Dragonfly Bowl P/Ch2 $75.00 USD
Dragonfly Bowl Cl
Dragonfly Bowl Cl $57.00 USD
Dragonfly Bowl T/NB
Dragonfly Bowl T/NB Sold Out
Crazy for Cobalt Bowl
Crazy for Cobalt Bowl $50.00 USD
Sunflower Bowl Small 3
Sunflower Bowl Small 3 Sold Out
Copper Quilt Bowl 6
Copper Quilt Bowl 6 Sold Out
Trifle Turquoise Bowl 5
Trifle Turquoise Bowl 5 Sold Out
Cobalt Layer Pedestal Bowl
Cobalt Layer Pedestal Bowl $50.00 USD
Fade to Black Bowl
Fade to Black Bowl Sold Out
Layer Bowl 6
Layer Bowl 6 Sold Out
Layer Bowl 7
Layer Bowl 7 Sold Out
Red Nesting Bowls
Red Nesting Bowls $99.00 USD
Blue Nesting Bowls
Blue Nesting Bowls $99.00 USD