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Clay Y'all

Pottery by Sandra Harrelson  

Vicksburg, MS  39183

Danielle Mug 1.1-3
Danielle Mug 1.1-3 $34.00 USD
Bluesy Tumblers 1.1-1.4
Bluesy Tumblers 1.1-1.4 Sold Out
Conversation Mug 1.wh.1-2
Conversation Mug 1.wh.1-2 Sold Out
Conversation Mug 4.wh.1-2
Conversation Mug 4.wh.1-2 Sold Out
Conversation Mug 12.wh.1-4
Conversation Mug 12.wh.1-4 Sold Out
Sunflower Mug 10
Sunflower Mug 10 Sold Out
Sunflower Mug 11
Sunflower Mug 11 Sold Out
Beach-Happy Fish Mug
Beach-Happy Fish Mug Sold Out
Beach-Happy Crab Mug
Beach-Happy Crab Mug Sold Out
Beach-Happy 'Flamingo-Head' Mug
Beach-Happy 'Flamingo-Head' Mug $40.00 USD
Beach-Happy 'Flamingo with Hat' Mug
Beach-Happy 'Flamingo with Hat' Mug $40.00 USD
Beach-Happy Sailboat Mug
Beach-Happy Sailboat Mug Sold Out
Beach-Happy Turtle Mug
Beach-Happy Turtle Mug Sold Out
Beach-Happy Shell Mug
Beach-Happy Shell Mug $40.00 USD
Beach-Happy Starfish Mug
Beach-Happy Starfish Mug Sold Out
Beach-Happy Flip-Flops Mug
Beach-Happy Flip-Flops Mug Sold Out
Cardinal Mug 5.1-5.4
Cardinal Mug 5.1-5.4 Sold Out
5 O'clock Sail Cup #3
5 O'clock Sail Cup #3 $18.00 USD
Wine/Whiskey Cup with Indents
Wine/Whiskey Cup with Indents Sold Out
"Out of the Woods" tumbler set
"Out of the Woods" tumbler set Sold Out
Hummingbird Hibiscus Mug 1
Hummingbird Hibiscus Mug 1 Sold Out
Hummingbird Hibiscus Mug 2
Hummingbird Hibiscus Mug 2 Sold Out
Hummingbird Hibiscus Mug 3
Hummingbird Hibiscus Mug 3 Sold Out
Hummingbird Hibiscus Mug 4
Hummingbird Hibiscus Mug 4 Sold Out
Sailboat Mug
Sailboat Mug Sold Out
Hummingbird Mug small
Hummingbird Mug small Sold Out
Cardinal Mugs 11.2-17.2
Cardinal Mugs 11.2-17.2 Sold Out
Copper Cog Mug
Copper Cog Mug $40.00 USD