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Clay Y'all

Pottery by Sandra Harrelson  

Vicksburg, MS  39183

Color Layer Vase
Color Layer Vase Sold Out
Mood Vase 1
Mood Vase 1 Sold Out
Mood Vase 2
Mood Vase 2 $65.00 USD
Mood Vase 3
Mood Vase 3 $49.00 USD
Blue Copper Vase 1
Blue Copper Vase 1 Sold Out
Blue Copper Vase 2
Blue Copper Vase 2 Sold Out
Copper Quilt Vase 5
Copper Quilt Vase 5 Sold Out
Copper Turquoise Vase 2
Copper Turquoise Vase 2 $40.00 USD
Copper Quilt Vase 4
Copper Quilt Vase 4 Sold Out
In-Line Pop Vase Coral
In-Line Pop Vase Coral $45.00 USD
In-Line Pop Vase Ice
In-Line Pop Vase Ice $42.00 USD
In-Line Oval Vase
In-Line Oval Vase Sold Out
In-Line Vase 3
In-Line Vase 3 Sold Out
Dragonfly Vase 6
Dragonfly Vase 6 $82.00 USD
Dragonfly Vase 7
Dragonfly Vase 7 $79.00 USD
Dragonfly Vase P/Ch2
Dragonfly Vase P/Ch2 Sold Out
Dragonfly Vase T/NB
Dragonfly Vase T/NB Sold Out
Dragonfly Vase Cl
Dragonfly Vase Cl Sold Out
Trifle Ruffle Vase
Trifle Ruffle Vase Sold Out
Trifle Vase 1
Trifle Vase 1 Sold Out
Trifle Vase 2
Trifle Vase 2 Sold Out
Trifle Vase 3
Trifle Vase 3 Sold Out
Trifle Vase 6
Trifle Vase 6 Sold Out
Bottle Vase 1
Bottle Vase 1 $25.00 USD
Bottle Vase 2
Bottle Vase 2 Sold Out
Bottle Vase 3
Bottle Vase 3 Sold Out
Bottle Vase 4
Bottle Vase 4 $25.00 USD
Leaves Wrapped Vase Porcelain
Leaves Wrapped Vase Porcelain Sold Out
Stormy Vase
Stormy Vase $38.00 USD
Mini Porcelain Drip Vase 11
Mini Porcelain Drip Vase 11 $18.00 USD
Mini Porcelain Drip Vase 12
Mini Porcelain Drip Vase 12 $18.00 USD
Bunny Daffodil Vase
Bunny Daffodil Vase $75.00 USD
Small Things Vases and Tray 2
Small Things Vases and Tray 2 Sold Out
Leaf Low Vase
Leaf Low Vase $75.00 USD
Lily Vase
Lily Vase $78.00 USD
Ruffle Bottom Vase
Ruffle Bottom Vase Sold Out
Two-Bubble Bud Vase
Two-Bubble Bud Vase $37.00 USD
Fly-By Charm Hummingbird Vase
Fly-By Charm Hummingbird Vase Sold Out
Tall Layer Vase with handles
Tall Layer Vase with handles Sold Out
Sun Moon Vase Mini
Sun Moon Vase Mini $35.00 USD
Fade to Black Vase 2
Fade to Black Vase 2 Sold Out